Woodland Citrus Beard Oil 1 oz.(Citrus Nag Champa Eucalyptus)


Our beard oil is the amazing! Tame that wild beast to a sophisticated gentleman. It will lull the ladies into thinking your trust worthy! But we all know better you savage!

scent is a blend of Nag Champa, Warm Citrus blend, Eucalyptus, And Rosemary

We use a beautiful combination of Almond oil, Hemp seed oil, Grape seed oil, paired with our wonderful blends of essential oils. With this blend of oils it not only conditions the skin under those handsome hairs it also strengthens them. Lessening those unsightly broken crazy hairs! The Texas Gypsy Beard oil also had the added benefit of making your beard and or mustache look healthy and shiny, bringing out all the natural colors. And the smell ya’ll is enticing! You are going to have to beat them off with a stick cause everybody is going to want to be close just to smell your face!!!

Our oil also is not heavy, which is a great thing, it does its job but doesn’t make feel hot and greasy. It quickly soaks into the hair follicles and begins repairing them. For the toughest of beards but gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins!

Drop 6-8 drops in hands rub together and massage into beard. Beard on Brothers!

Do small skin test before using fully, might contain allergens to certain individuals.

***WHOLE SALE PRICING - Are you interested in placing a bulk order? Want to have these for sale at your business? Message me for special pricing. Please note that all orders need to be in quantities of 15 or greater. I would be happy to work with you!

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I want you to be happy so please email me right away with problems and I will make it right. Skin is very individual so everyone may not be happy with a certain product. I am here to help with any questions you might have. I prefer you email me directly with any issues at thetexasgypsy@yahoo.com
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Thanks Heather


Hello Ya’ll - my name is Heather and I am the Owner and Operator of The Texas Gypsy.
I began experimenting with the making of my own soap about 7 years ago as I have quite sensitive skin and all the “soaps” I bought in the store would irritate it. I read about goat’s milk soap and bought some to try! It was a very happy day for me and my family as this type of soap did not irritate my skin! One of the only complaints that I had about even the goat’s milk soaps that I could find were the scents that were available to purchase.
While I strive for all of my products to be as natural as possible, I also endeavor to have the most exotic fragrant combinations that I LOVE and believe that others would love also. After sharing my soap and then later my other natural bath products with friends and family with great results; I have decided to share these wonderful products with everyone. I use all Natural High-end ingredients and I am always testing new products and unearthing fresh scents all the time!
I make all of The Texas Gypsy products by hand in my home right here in Spring, Texas. If you ever have any questions or would like to request special orders please feel free to email me @ thetexasgypsy@yahoo.com or you can also check out my site on Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/TheTexasGypsy. On Etsy, my products are available day or night. I’d love to make party favors for your next gathering. Just think of the next Wedding, Baby or Bridal Shower, even Holiday baskets; just pick out your favorite aromas and I can do the rest.
Thanks again for shopping with The Texas Gypsy - available here at Belle’s Attic here in Magnolia Texas.
Many Blessings,
The Texas Gypsy

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