Behind The Scenes

The Texas Gypsy and all Who Have Helped Along the Way

Me The Texas Gypsy and the Famous @hillcountrybarbie of instagram. Traveling around in Borne Texas picking up crystals incense and fancy jewelry.

Me making potions and lotions in the kitchen like always.

My sweet and ornery daddy helping me out and being so proud!

My best friend who helps me label and make even when she is so tired from working!

My Fun and inspirational MOMMA! Always my biggest cheerleader!

My Beautiful and Supportive Husband. Thanks for being there when i needed you the most.

My brother In Law helping me make my office pretty!

Jessy "The Mouth" helping spread the good gospel of The Texas Gypsy

At one the many events through out houston we had a blast at

Chappell Hill Texas is one of my fav festivals made so many life long friends

My mom and me looking cute as hell!

My mom getting to meet one of her fav diy'ers Frank Bielec at a show we use to do every year! she was soo excited

My Best Friend and Hubby helping at a farmers market in houston

this crazy crew always being supportive and keeping my spirits high!

My hubby falling a sleep on the job! he would work all week just to help me set up and work all weekend! So Appreciative of his support.

ME! being silly!

My DAD! teaching me how to use his wood turning lathe. To make Shaving brushes. My truest inspirations of artistry is all because of him!

Me and my Partner in crime out and about slinging soap!

ANd..... ME ... Just ME. In my natural habitat, the Kitchen. lol I love what I do. I love helping people feel better or feel pretty. Most of all I love who this journey has made me to be.

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