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Heather Barricklow Cunningham, CEO and Founder Hello all, “I am along time resident of the Houston, Texas area spending the majority of my life struggling with skin care issues of my own and becoming disenchanted with the society's idea of sexiness and glamour for a woman. I have dedicated my personal education and training to unearthing the gifts of the natural world, long available at our fingertips but unknown to our tongue”.I began the Texas Gypsy Co. as an outlet to create and share the products of my arduous personal journey with my family and friends.As requests for my products grew, I transitioned to seeking out those like minded individuals and started selling my products at local farmers markets and festivals.I soon realized where my calling was not, and left my job in corporate America to run my company fulltime.This has been an adventure in every sense of the word with its own ups and downs, please join me in the next chapter. I truly believe the end result of the fruits of my labor will bring you as much happiness, healing, and confidence as we take this road together.

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