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I am a one lucky girl! I live in Texas with my husband who is a really understanding hubby! He lets me obsess about little projects and doesn’t judge me at all! Gotta love it! I am known amongst my peeps as the artsy one that can figure out something starting with nothing all the time. I truly enjoy creating all kinds of things and I believe in everything i sale. or else i wouldn't put it out there I want to share it with the ya’ll! I have to thank my mom and dad for the creative bug. They are both are very talented people. My dad is a woodworker and painter and can probably fix anything with medical tubing or a wall anchor LOL! My mom is a special gal. She is my best friend and my inspiration for most of the things I create! She is always on the look out for new projects and motivating pictures. They are the best parents anyone could ever have. i started selling my creations art work and business is good! but everyone kept asking me why i wasn't on the internet. and it made me think if these picky ladies liked my stuff why wouldn't the world! so here i am! i am so happy to be finally doing this! thanks for the opportunity! have a good one ya'll

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